Paul Brown - HST

Just wrapped up this project. Press play to watch the video we’ve been working on withPaul Brown. To all the old heads that know hip-hop, this kid will make you proud. 

"Drugs, sex, and soul is the epitome of twenty-one year old artist, Paul Brown. He bullies his way into the scene with his family, Nobody Special & Co. Hailing from Queens New York, Paul later found a new home in Mt. Holly, New Jersey which kept the “East Coast state of mind” playing a big role in the lifestyle he depicts. Although his blood line spills across seas to the Philippines, he maintains the philosophy that race doesn’t partake in any difference pursuing the American Dream. “H.S.T is inspiration” is a line from Paul Brown’s single titled H.S.T, the acronym standing for the notorious journalist Hunter S Thompson. This single portrays the ideologies that both Mr. Thompson and Mr. Brown share, and with help from Worxlife, the visuals hit you with a classic hip-hop essence that is very scarce in this generation."

Directed by: John Paul Managa (@JPMANAGA)
Edited by: Marc Campomanes (@tigertronwlco)
Download Paul Brown - NobodySpecial



@worxlife in association with NS&co presents my debut video- “H.S.T” which will premier DECEMBER 12, 2012. 12.12.12. Via and #worxlife #paulbrownmusic #paulbrown #hst #huntersthompson #nobodyspecial #nobodyspecialco #hiphop #rap #video #eastcoast #drugs #fearloathing #musicvideo